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HBH Cares Family Session

Our philosophy of care

At Harmony Behavioral Health, a team of experienced, caring, and enthusiastic individuals works together to coordinate your or your loved ones’ intervention programming. These multi-level methods of supervision are an excellent way to provide numerous training opportunities for the RBTs. 

In addition to your RBT and clinician, the Clinical Director and Operations Director are available to help in the programming and treatment plan. Each client has a therapist and/or clinician that directly coordinates the programming.
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HBH acknowledges the centrality of the family in all aspects of programming

HBH acknowledges the centrality of the family in all aspects of programming, views family members as active participants and decision-makers, and supports the child’s relationships with caregivers and their community. Participation includes shared aims and desires between the clients and service providers. 

Family involvement is the key to making their child’s program a success. They know their child’s and family’s needs better than anyone, and because of that, we ask for their help in the development of intervention goals and the implementation of procedures to achieve these goals. We respect and want to incorporate important aspects of their cultural and religious preference and practices. We encourage families we serve to communicate with us about any of these details in accordance with their comfort level.
It is our goal to support them in teaching them and/or their child, to facilitate their independent use of skills, and to manage any challenging behavior that might occur.
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“The quality of human life, depends on finding ways to make everyone’s environment more nurturing–less coercive and more caring, supportive of human development, and focused on doing what works.” ~Anthony Biglan
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