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ABA Assessments

The BCBA/Clinician will base the treatment and behavioral plan on your child’s most recent assessment outcomes. The type of assessments are determined based on your child’s needs.

ABA assessments encompass areas such as motor imitation, language, visual perception, independent play, social play, linguistic structure, classroom and group skills, as well as other developmental disabilities.

Skill-Based Assessments
Assessments include VB-MAPP®, PEAK®, Vineland, and other skill assessments to determine your chid’s deficits and targets for acquisition. The type of assessment that is used is based on appropriateness to the child’s needs. An acquisition treatment plan is developed to help address social, language/communication, executive functions, cognitive, motor, preacademic, play, and adaptive/daily living skills.
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Behavior Reduction Assessments

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) help determine the reasons why your child engages in challenging behavior in order to recommend an effective course of treatment. FBAs may include records review, interviews, and direct observation.

Assessment may also include a formal Functional Analysis (FA) of the challenging behavior. Experimental analysis of the behavior enables the clinician to manipulate variables to assess the function (cause) of the problem behavior when other methods have yielded inconclusive results.

Data is recorded, graphed and interpreted with specific treatment recommendations that can be used to develop a formal Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). BIPs based on the functional assessment provide a plan of action designed to teach and reward appropriate behaviors while decreasing inappropriate behaviors. It is intended to prevent and provide alternatives to the challenges that your child is facing.

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