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Welcome to Harmony Behavioral Health!

Unlocking Potential through Individualized Treatment

Harmony is committed to providing high quality services in order to unlock the potential of your loved ones or those under your educational care. We do this by providing effective interventions with efficiency, integrity, and through collaboration.

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Our philosophy of care is that all individuals, regardless of disability or level of impact, can learn! Our goal is to improve our client’s quality of life while considering the individual’s and their family’s perspective. We value evolving our scientific knowledge base to be able to provide great care throughout a wide range of skills as needed for each individual.

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We value collaboration and communication with our team members and with professionals from multiple disciplines. 
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Our philosophy of care is that all individuals, regardless of disability or level of impact, can learn!
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Therapists and clinicians have the educational requirements that  fulfill their job duties and are continuously trained to improve their skills.
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We strive toward ethical standards by understanding individual & family needs through collaboration and commitment to increase the quality of life with efficiency in an ever-evolving field while assuring dignity to those that we serve

At Harmony Behavioral Health, we are committed to

Providing high-quality services
Unlocking the potential of our clients
Implementing effective interventions
Acting with efficiency, integrity, and collaboration
Striving toward ethical clinical standards
Understanding individual & family needs
Ensuring open & honest communication
Fulfilling commitments to our communities
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Mercy Care
BACB ACE Providers #OP-22-0557 - Harmony Behavioral Health
“The quality of human life, depends on finding ways to make everyone’s environment more nurturing–less coercive and more caring, supportive of human development, and focused on doing what works.” ~Anthony Biglan
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